Good To Be Home ;)

I must have some weird case of OCD meets ADD.  I can’t hold my attention to anything that I am not obsessed with.  I have no idea if that even makes sense but to me it does so I guess that is all that really matters.

I tried doing the whole new website thing, it looked great, it was a great way to showcase my work but it seriously lacked in personality.  I prefer blogging and apparently my clients like this site too, I’ve been paying my rent so that does say something right?

The whole idea of a website is to show what you can do, but it is also your showroom, it is your book, it is you.  Well, this site is me.  I am random, I spew off at the mouth on occasion and I just am what I am and I am not afraid to show it.  This is me, I am The Average Jim, it feels good to be home. 😉