The Average Set…. ;)

Hooray it’s Friday!  Of course I am working again tomorrow, and there is still much to do at the new studio and then not to mention what I am going to have to do here to this studio to rebuild it.  Oh boy, the fun never stops!

Maybe I should add a swing set in here somewhere?  Start shooting glam again?  I think I should definitely build some sets, but they need to be something I can use over and over again.  They can’t be good for only one shoot and then become boring.  Hence me with my Mercedes, to me it just doesn’t get old!

I definitely need a bedroom set, I’ve got the natural light, now to just figure out how to set it up.  I’ll figure it out after the weekend.  I’m too tired, I have too many photos to edit and too much work to do in general.  Here is one from my session with Katie from a while back, I need this type of set again. 😉