No Drama.

Today has been one of those days when I really feel like I need to step back and regroup.  There are certain things that just bug me about this whole industry, I won’t go into details mostly because it’s just my own little pet peeves, but there are times when I really think about just starting a whole new career just so I won’t have to deal with certain types of people.  Then again, I’m sure that no matter what career you choose there will be annoying, stupid people who have no idea what it takes for you to provide quality service.

Oh well, I’m going to kick back, watch a movie and just ignore the flat out stupidity of today.  I am really wanting to change a few things of the way that I do things, not sure how yet, but lets just say that The Average Jim’s Playground will have certain rules for all playground games!

Here is one from a few years ago, for some reason I just like it for today’s post.  Probably because she was cool and didn’t have any weird drama. 😉