Why I do the things I do. ;)

Okay, so tonight I am blogging simply because about a year ago I said I was going to blog every day and try to show an image every day.  I’m tired, frustrated from dealing with certain people and honestly in no mood to be going through images for any reason at this time.

But then I started going through images from the other day.  Now I’m in a good mood.  I’m relaxed, I don’t even have a drink in my hand and I am feeling good about life.  This is why I am a photographer.  I love, seriously absolutely love creating images.  I can’t explain it and honestly I don’t care to explain it.  I just want to do it every chance I get.

I definitely feel lucky to be able to do what I get to do nearly every single day.  This is why I blog every day.  On the good days it is a celebration of what I love, on the bad it is a reminder.  So here is to doing what you love, for me it is the photography you see on this site, I truly hope that anyone reading this feels as lucky as I do to do what they get to do!

Here is one more from my shoot this past weekend.  Kaley was one of the first models to pose in my Mercedes, we thought it was only fitting for her to pose one more time in my favorite prop!