Play it safe? No, just go for it!

Sticking to your style can be hard at times.  If you’re like me you probably look at your work from a very over critical point of view.  Sometimes I look at it and start finding the flaws, but then with my work part of what I love about it is the flaws.  To me there has always been perfection in the imperfections.  I think I get more critical on days when I have a shoot set up.  I have two hours before my shoot and I am already second guessing what I want to do because it won’t be perfectly sharp, the film is expired and one of the cameras is about 75 years old!  But then again, this is what I love to do!

Today I am going to get creative, I will get my “safe” shots just to make sure I get something, but I will also be using the last of my expired Polaroid film, okay not the last of it, just the last of one of the types I have.  I will also be shooting some cool editorial styles, some with a little more of an edge.  I really want to start blending in the artistic vision I have in my head to go with the editorials that are in there.

I like to mix and match and just see what comes out of it all.  Today should definitely be a fun day, I have limited time so lets see what I can get! 🙂