An Average Day’s Work

I have been out of the loop lately with the whole photo world.  It’s like if you take a break from social media for even a few days you almost lose touch with what is going on and it also makes you realize that the internet is nothing like the real world.  Social networking sites are not how the industry really works.  It is about personal relationships, building them, making them grow and developing them into working relationships with other professionals.

All of these sites like Facebook, twitter, instagram and on down the line are really just another popularity contest.  I have never cared to be “popular”, some people know who I am, most don’t really know the real me and that works really well from my stand point.  I refuse to follow 10,000 people just to get 2000 people to follow me, when in reality they are just doing the same thing.  They don’t actually care about me or most of the others who are following them, they just care that they have high numbers of people paying attention to them.  Personally, I just don’t care.

I am an open and honest narcissist.  I do not need the validation from thousands of others that I am cool, I already think I am and when you are a narcissist the only opinion that really matters is your own, especially when it comes to yourself.  I can’t help it, I am what I am.

So if you’re reading this and offended that I am calling bullshit on your thousands of “fans” all I can say is oh well, not my problem.  Go ahead and keep telling people how cool you are, and how much work you are supposedly doing.  I’m not the busiest photographer in the business nor am I anywhere near the highest paid.  I am just me, I shoot, I network, I put my work out there and I hustle!  But keep putting the effort into your pretend business and keep calling yourself the “best” at what it is you call photography.  I’m too busy depositing checks into my bank to care about what you are posting every 5 minutes on Facebook.  I wish I had the spare time from not working to play on the internet all day every day.