I am retired….. well sort of. ;)

There is a reason I don’t do construction anymore.  I have been helping out my wife’s aunt with her beach house and this is absolutely the last favor of manual labor I ever do!  A little back story for you all.  My dad was a contractor, so I grew up working with my hands.  I funded my first home-studio with the money I made from construction, I then left the field for a while and focused on music and photography.  When I needed a break from photography I would go back into construction simply because I know the field and it was decent money.

But today, well, today made me realize that I just don’t miss it like I thought I did.  After having a stupid accident, basically hurting my hand, not bad but enough to sting and still hurt right now.  I have suddenly remembered all of the injuries and near fatal injuries I have had while doing manual labor.  I like remembering things like this, it makes me realize that I just don’t want to put myself at that risk anymore.  Not even for a family member as a favor.  I’m done.

The best thing to come of this is new ideas.  New ideas for photography.  I really like this inspiration, it is the most motivated I have been in a while.  Sometimes I get down on myself when I have too much going on.  I think it is pretty common in the creative world to always feel like your work isn’t good enough, even though you know it is, you always feel like it should be better.  Well, I’m not feeling that today.  I’m feeling pretty damn good, well except for my hand.  So I’m going to ride this wave as long as I can, and I am seriously considering selling all of my tools and getting a small car that can’t carry any building material! 😉