No Rules ;)

I am seriously waiting and hoping for some good news!  I can’t let it out yet but this could be a big change for the better around here!  It’s not really that big of news, just more of moving onward and upwards in business.  And good news is always great to hear, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

This week is crazy busy, editing, catching up, working on a new project, trying to get some editorial photos in and the list goes on and on!  One thing that I am definitely going to go back to doing is more artistic shoots.  Just personal projects that have nothing to do with work.  As soon as all of this craziness is over I am going to set up about a half dozen shoots or more and just play for a week or two!

So here is to play, the things we do that are just like work but for some reason so much more fun.  No deadlines, no concept to follow, no rules.  This is the life! 😉