Back It Up! ;)

Back up.  This is a very important term for photographers today.  Back up your images!  We just had a huge hard drive failure at our studio today, the only thing lost were the current edits that were in use at the time of the failure.  But we have the originals in two different spots, so we just lost some of our time of the editing process.

This is why we back up everything in two places in studio and why we also have an online service that backs up everything in three different locations.  If you want to do business today, these are lessons you should really learn from the beginning not after it happens to you!

The good news is that all I have to do is get a new hard drive, load the software and I’m back in business with that computer.  Speaking of backing up, I think it’s time to start backing up a few other files here at the studio.  Looks like I know what I am doing the rest of today!