Average Thoughts ;)

I have really been questioning the type of work I want to do lately.  I know, I know, I say this stuff all of the time, but I really am in the mood to create art.  I am seriously obsessing with the ideas in my head.  For some reason they just are not fashion based or lifestyle based, yet they do almost have that type of appeal, but it is more artistic than anything.

Maybe it isn’t that I want to create art, because lets face it, I’m not really a fine art photographer by any means.  I wish I was more of one, but I am really just a portrait photographer who happens to shoot fashion, glamour, editorials etc…. I like being a portrait photographer.  It means my work is about people, it doesn’t matter if the image is how I see them, the world sees them or how they see themselves.  In any way it is still about them.

I like shooting images with a little bit of mystery and sex appeal to them.  It just seems to be what I am good at and what I like to do.  So why change it?  I think if there is anything out there that I am questioning is the simple fact that people want to hire me to do things that really aren’t what I do.  I need to learn to say no to the money.  That and really focus on showing more of what I want to shoot.

Maybe I’m just rambling here, but these are just the current thoughts in my head.  I’m sure I’ll have something to rant about again soon. 😉