Getting It. ;)

I am often torn on which direction I really want to go with my photography work.  I sometimes think that what I love to do most is probably what pays the least.  But then I go back to wanting to shoot commercial work and just clean images for clients.  I think what it comes down to is I really like photographing women.  I have tried many times to photograph men, it just isn’t my strongest work.  I mean some of the shots are pretty good, and they really should be in my portfolio, and I’m working on that with the new website and all.  But then I start to wonder if I should mostly target women as potential clients.  Honestly, aside from the weddings I shoot, I have not had a male as a client in front of my camera in a long time.  Even when there were more in my portfolio.

I did receive a great compliment from anther photographer back in November of last year.  He went to my site for the first time and his words to me were “you just get it, The Average Jim just gets it.”  I will admit that I really liked hearing this, but then again what photographer doesn’t want to be told this?

For now I’m going to stick to my projects of photographing women.  No offense guys, women are just prettier and look better in print.  I may be expanding my work a little more in the near future, but that is something you will have to wait for.  But there are always new big plans in the works over here at the studio.  New stuff coming soon!

Here is one of Courtney from our most recent session.  I’m definitely bringing her back for another session as soon as possible!