Fake it ’til you…. oh crap they saw through it!

There are some who love to brag about how good they are, honestly, yes I’m one of them.  But I have never claimed to be the absolute best, in fact I have often said how I am probably not the best.  I’m good at what I do and I understand my vision of what I wish to accomplish with a photograph, this makes me good, when I start getting offers to shoot with a 6 figure day rate, then I’ll start thinking I’m in the top of my class.

I am basing this little rant off of someone who is really not worth mentioning.  Just because you are good at social media and getting friends and followers does not make you a good photographer.  Shooting film with antique cameras does not make you a good photographer.  Honestly, the only thing that makes you a good photographer is actually being one.

Here is one of my personal favorites from my shoot with Katie, this happened way too long ago…..