The Glamorous Life Continues….

With all of the editing and shooting I have been doing lately I am really, really, really tired of sitting behind this computer!  I’ve got everything delivered to my clients on time and ready to go, so now it’s time just to sit back and enjoy the night.  I’m sure I’ll be checking my email and waiting to see if there are any last minute changes that need to be made to any of the images, or if any “emergency” comes up tonight, I’ll be ready for it.

I’ve been working on the new site, selecting images but I feel like I’m missing so many but I can’t decide on what to put up on it.  I think this is one of the reasons I stopped having a regular website for so long.  I like the randomness of a blog, no real structure, I get to say and do what I want every day and change it up whenever I feel like it.  Like today, I just felt like putting up kind of a glamour shot.  At least that is what I call it.

I can admit it, as much as I like fashion, I really like glamour photography.  I have said before that I am to fashion what glam metal is to rock and roll.  To me there has to be an attitude and awareness of sex appeal.  I just like it that way.  It must be engrained in my DNA because for as long as I can remember I have really liked this style, it is that fine line between sexy and slutty.  Okay, slutty isn’t always that bad either.

Moving forward….. I’ll be picking out some images for the site again soon, for now I’m going to enjoy that bottle of wine sitting in the fridge and call it a night.  Finally, I’m able to call it a day before the sun sets, that is the first time in a few weeks.  Ah, the glamorous life….. 😉