Here we go again…..

More of the same for me tonight.  Nothing like a deadline to keep you up all night!  But that’s okay, I like to think that I will have a lot more material to share on this site with all of the editing I have been doing lately.  Tomorrow should be my last day of editing, well for my current clients, I did just get an order for more edits from another client.  No rest for the wicked right?

It really makes me realize how much I love to shoot lifestyle photos.  Lifestyle fashion, lifestyle portraits, pretty much anything that has a mood and a cool vibe and I’m down to shoot it.  I have a really cool session scheduled in a couple of weeks that I cannot wait to shoot!  But for now, I will focus on my editing and catching up with what has to be done.

I feel bad, I’ve had to cancel two portfolio shoots this week due to so much craziness going on around here, I’ll elaborate on that on another day, all I know is that I have lots of editing to do tonight and I am nowhere near done.  So here is another glimpse of what I will be working on tonight, more from the Nick and Mo shoot!  Marena and Eleanor are so amazing to work with!  Not to mention the whole team from Nick and Mo, my wife and Kat Ty for all of their help!