The Average Plan…..

Taking the next step is always a crucial part of building your business.  What do you leave behind and what do you take with you?  What path are you going to take?  Every time you take one step forward you need to be looking three steps ahead.  This is when the hard decisions need to be made and certain risks need to be taken.  This is the crossroads, do you turn around and go back to what you know or do you push forward and challenge yourself.  I’m always up for the challenge, now I just need to figure out if I am turning left or right or just going straight ahead.

I know where I need to be, just it’s all about figuring out how to get there.  I have the beginning of a plan and a strategy, these are the things I am good at, ideas and plans, it’s just finding the way to make it happen is where I tend to run into a brick wall.

Basically I really like what I am doing lately.  I am getting hired to shoot my style and what I do best.  This is good!  Now I just need to expand a little more, especially now that I actually have a savings!  This is the crossroads between art and commercialization, can they go together?  I believe they can, especially in my case, I may be creative, but some of what I do really isn’t art!  So it’s not like I’m really bending the rules here at all.  I am just shooting what makes me happy.  My plan is to continue this, just on a larger level, and I can’t spill the beans just yet, but there is a definite plan in my head, now lets just see if I can put it into motion!

Here is a sneak peek from the lookbook shoot I just did for Nick and Mo clothing, such a great day of shooting!