In The End

So here I am, sitting behind my desk, late on a Saturday night editing and enjoying a cold one.  It is definitely time to stop with the work and finally enjoy what is left of my Saturday night.  It reminds me how I had a great conversation yesterday with a retired doctor and electrical engineer.  It was about digital photography and how it just isn’t right.  Every camera seems to be different, the Kelvin temperature on one camera tends to not be exactly the same on another.  There is no scale of reference for these things.

Sure, we rate color temperature and what things should look like to the camera’s sensor but it just never seems to be exactly right.  We are so concerned with how high of an ISO we can shoot at rather than how does the actual image look if we shoot it in the dark.  What ever happened to lighting an image correctly?  People would rather fix it in Photoshop, like that is the answer to all of the great photography questions.  Guess what, if you shoot it wrong to begin with it is going to look like crap no matter what you do in post compared next to an image that was shot correctly!

Okay, I’m rambling on with a rant…. but seriously people, a tool is only as good as the person using it.  There are several people out there who think they know what they are doing when it comes to home improvement but just because you buy the most expensive saw at Home Depot does not mean you are a master carpenter!  Carpentry is a great way to describe photography.  Creating a great image is like how you cut crown molding.  Upside down and backwards.  If this makes no sense to you then you really should not try either.

To put it simply, if you do not know the steps to the finished product don’t skip ahead, you will only end up screwing up the whole thing! It’s all about learning the craft.  Think back to high school, remember your freshman year?  What would it have been like if you just skipped straight to your senior year?  Where are the memories, where are the good and bad times?  Where are the learning experiences that you still keep with you to this day?  Enjoy the learning process, don’t miss out on something that can truly take you to the next level.  There is a learning curve for a reason, you are not better than the curve, stop trying to be.

I’m posting a very basic image for a reason.  For this set up I used 3 lights.  I can do the same thing with one, two, four, five or six lights.  I know this because I have had to do it this way many times before.  Sometimes you only have 3 lights or one light or you will have the luxury of having countless lights at your disposal.  But what good is it if you have no idea how to use them?  This is why you should enjoy your beginnings.  It makes the middle and the end that much more enjoyable.

I feel like I am still in my middle, I can’t wait to see what I can do at the end!