Work work work, all day long…. ;)

The next few days are going to be killer, and possibly killing my feet!  I’m gearing up for a two-day shoot, tomorrow and Friday, and then Saturday I’m shooting a wedding in Orange County!  I am honestly really looking forward to, and I have a big bag of ice in the fridge in case I need to ice my knees and feet lol!  I’m getting older so I take all precautions!

The one thing I am definitely going to do is shoot some film.  I have two great models coming in and I definitely want to take advantage of this opportunity to shoot some commercial work the way I used to do it.  Especially when I part of the look is to have that vintage feel.  Nothing says “Vintage” to me like expired film and maybe some Polaroids!

I have definitely been on a film kick again.  I just love how the tonality is different, and I have tried so many after market actions, it just isn’t the same.  Especially when film is expired, that faded tone and grain, it just appears with the film and it’s so much work in Photoshop!

And honestly, it doesn’t really matter if it’s film or digital.  I’m just stoked that I get to have some creative freedom with my clients.  To me, that is what matters more than anything!

Here is one from a shoot a little over a year ago.  Yes, it’s film. 🙂