A Different Pace

Lately I have really been in the mood of slowing it down.  Taking my time with shoots and really getting what I consider to be the best images possible.  Digital photography has really made it easy for photographers to now take hundreds, if not thousands of photos when they used to try to get the shot with just a few rolls of film.  It’s like people are just hoping that there is some magic in there somewhere and if they shoot enough they can pick out the right moment.  I don’t get it.

To me photography is about the experience and the photo and how the two intertwine.  I hate rushing through a shoot.  I like to spend time with people, talk to them and find out who they are.  Even on fashion shoots I like to know the model’s personality.  This helps me deliver a better image to my client.

This is why I still shoot film for a lot of my personal work.  Not because I can’t do it digitally, but simply because it slows down the process in the right kind of way.  With the cameras I choose to use I have to manually wind the crank between each shot.  No 10 fps here!  For me, it is about the connection and about the mood.  I will definitely be shooting more images like this in the future.  All of this work sometimes makes me forget to just shoot for the enjoyment of it, not just for the money!