Simple and Minimalistic

I don’t know what it is about simplicity that I love so much.  Whenever I look through a high fashion magazine I always love the plain backdrops, grey, white, black, you know, all the classics.  It is all about the attitude.  Kind of like I was saying the other day about fashion being more of a behavior rather than just about the clothes.

Sometimes a simple white t-shirt is all a good model needs to get the point across.  There is a certain confidence required to actually sell a product to the masses.  Editorial is completely different, then you are just telling a story with photos.  But I love the simpler looks of this as well.  Maybe this is why I love working with actors too?  They turn into a character and run with it.

I really want to do more simple shoots over the next few months.  Just straight forward editorial style portraits.  Well, it looks like I have my new project, time to hit the ground running!