Trends can kill your career.  They can also get your foot in the door with some people.  But if you are just following the trend then you are actually behind the times.  Being innovative within your own style can sometimes be the best thing that ever happens to you.  As a photographer I experiment with different techniques, cameras, lenses, films, post production and on down the line.  What is funny is that is always comes out looking like my work.

I think this is my biggest selling tactic to my work.  I don’t follow trends, I don’t do what everyone else is doing and I definitely do not do what is being taught at workshops across the country.  Why?  Okay, it is great to learn the techniques of other photographers, but they are teaching you what they used to make money doing.  They, well most of them, will not tell you what their newest ideas are, the ones that have not been shot yet.  And why would they?  Why would you create more competition for yourself?  So for me, I definitely do not want to be like anyone else.  I like being me.  People do not hire me to shoot what others can do or to do what anyone else can do.  I get hired for my style and for the mood I deliver.

Honestly, if you want a photographer who shoots models making the “ahh” face with their fingers in their mouths you can find a thousand of them out there.  For me, I take a different approach.  I could tell you what it is and how to do it, but then why would I give away all of my secrets? Okay, so my biggest trick in my bag…. I show what I like to shoot.  It sounds easy, but I am not swayed by money.  I only show on this site what I like to shoot and what I want to get hired for.  Go through your work and think about what you are showing and why.  Are you following a trend or are you setting one?

Here is one from over 2 years ago at my old house.  Just hanging out in the kitchen with Nicole.