Stylized Fashion….. Really?

What is fashion?  I only ask because I just noticed a new studio in town and on this person’s website they talk about doing fashion styled portraits, yet I didn’t see any fashion.  Stylized shoots yes, but just because you style something doesn’t make it fashion.  I have seen many different types of stylized shoots, from fashion to glam to porn!  So back to my question, what is fashion?

Fashion is more than just the clothes you wear.  You can dress up anyone is the same wardrobe, but it is the person’s behavior while wearing the wardrobe that makes it fashionable.  This is why there is such a thing in photography called “nude fashion”, clothing is not required to have a fashionable attitude.  This is also why certain celebrities can wear a ratty looking t-shirt and make millions want to buy one just like it.  It is persona, it is inspiration.

This is why I love fashion on the west coast.  You actually see people with designer flip-flops!  Designer bikinis, denim shorts, sunglasses, yes there is a fashionable look for going to the beach!  The fashion is a care-free attitude and a fantasy life of “oh yes, I roll out of bed looking like this every day.”  Honestly, it makes me want to go to work every day!  I love the attitude and the ego that goes with it.  It’s like you must have the attitude of leaving a permanent impression on someone even if they only see you for a brief second.  They are still thinking of you long after you have left.

To me, this is fashion.  It is the attitude, it is the fact that you think of it time and time again.  It is inspirational to your every day life whether you want it to be or not.  It is not about just posing normal people in an awkward way.  Give them strength, give them attitude and make them look cool.  If you want to do a fashion stylized shoot, you must start with the mood and build up the ego of your subject.  It is not what you wear, it is how you wear it.