If you know so much…….. ;)

It’s kind of funny how I don’t remember any massive debates regarding slide film vs. negative film.  I’m starting to think that the true photographers really don’t give a crap about the whole RAW vs. jpeg debate, it’s only the techies and computer nerds who have an issue with this.  I definitely fall into the category of not caring what others shoot.  Can you imagine how much time has been wasted in a photographers career over the whole battle of what type of digital file they should be shooting?  If it takes 10,000 hours of doing the actual task to master it look at how much time you have wasted!

Reading stats will do nothing for the creative process, honestly, if I wanted to read and understand all of this text and technical mumbo jumbo I would have been a software engineer.  I take pictures.  Got it?  I create images in many different formats and I will try any camera you put in my hands!  I personally believe that some of the technical debris should just be flushed down the toilet or not taught to anyone who doesn’t have a good understanding of lighting and composition.  Wow, you can tell me all the facts about the different sensors from Nikon and Canon, how many mega pixels each camera has and the difference between a pro-sumer camera and a pro camera.  You can list off how many bits of information are contained in a 25 mega bite RAW file.  This would all be much more impressive if you had the catch light in the eyes in the right position, didn’t blur the hell out of the model’s face with crappy post production, if you didn’t crop at the joints in every shot and if you actually understood and put into practice the rule of thirds.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!

An unsolicted critique or an internet argument from someone who sucks doesn’t mean anything.  It just means they must knock someone down so they can feel better about their own crappy work.  There are a lot of know it all blowhards out there, a lot of people who think they know way more than they actually do and even worse, they actually believe they do!  I may not know everything, but I know how to push a little black button and create what I want to create.  And I can repeat the process over and over with the same result or any different desired result every time.  Next time someone wants to critique your work when you didn’t ask for it, ask to see their work first, I’d bet it’s not that good.  Just don’t tell them that! 😉