Chomp. ;)

I am always shocked at how gullible some people are.  They will truly believe everything that someone tells them.  It is like they have no sense of self to make up their own mind based on the facts that are blatantly in front of them.  I probably shouldn’t be shocked, people have been following others for centuries.  It’s like it is learned behavior now to just accept what is put in front of you.

I was taught to question everything and anything.  Definitely to question authority and those who are in charge.  Yeah, I never would have been good in the military.  I don’t take orders too well.  I work well with others, collaborate really well, but the whole orders without questioning why just doesn’t sit well with me.

Maybe I just view the world a little differently than others?  I have friends who listen to talk radio and believe everything they say about politics and I’m just sitting there looking at them like they are crazy.  I know others who just go along with everything the government says without even understanding the law or their own rights.  I sometimes feel like I am living in the movie “Idiocracy”.

I used this analogy on with a friend earlier today.  People blame others for the stupid things we do.  People in California move into canyons filled with wild animals and then want a Mountain Lion shot when it enters their back yard.  With this logic if someone jumps into a lake filled with alligators we should shoot and kill all of the alligators so they can go swimming?  No.  But this is the mentality of some people.  And to them it makes perfect sense.

It is the same thing in the photo world.  People see a wedding photographer working and think, oh that’s easy, I can do that.  They see pretty girls and think, oh I want to hang out with them all day, I’m going to the giant warehouse store and buying a camera so I can be a fashion photographer.  Everyone says I’m pretty, I’m going to be a professional model.  I can make a duck face on my cell phone in my bathroom and post it on Model Mayhem and get photographers to pay me, yay I’m a model!  I’ve been taking pictures for 3 years, I’m going to teach others how to work with internet models.  I graduated from Brooks, my day rate is now $10,000.00…… and it goes on and on.

Just because you think something should be a certain way does not mean that it is.  This used to be called common sense but it should really be called not-so-common sense because it really seems like there are not too many people who have it anymore.  I blame Facebook and Myspace.  Everyone can sit behind their computer and be and “expert” on everything.  Oh, you have 3000 friends online, how many do you know in person?  How many days a week are you working at this so-called career of yours?  Yeah, make-believe doesn’t pay the rent.

All I am saying is this.  If you decide to swim with the alligators or live with the lions, you deserve to get eaten.