Avoiding the Norm

I’m a little torn again between getting a website for my photography work versus just keeping this site as my only site.  Personally, I like having just one site, it’s so much easier to keep up with.  I have also noticed that people, even my clients, like seeing new work posted every day.  Even if it is older work, it’s still new to them and it is updated daily.  I sometimes wish I had more time to update multiple times per day.  To me, this is the benefit of having a site like this as opposed to having a static website that is just a portfolio with contact information.  I have that here as well.

Okay, I will admit that for some photographers a regular site could definitely be better.  I get emails every now and then asking me about how I come up with my content for this site.  Honestly, this is just how my brain works.  Stuff just comes out, it is the same way when I am shooting.  I get ideas and I run with them.  I don’t know the exact method but it has been working for me for years so I figure, why quit now?

I have also seen other sites like mine where a photographer will actually hire an assistant to post photos all day for them.  I just can’t bring myself to do that.  I like that the rants you read on this site come directly from me!  Plus, I pick the images, maybe I’m a little old school that way, it is my way of blending the old way with the new way of marketing.

Yes, I had actually began working on a new site for just my portfolio work, but I think I may end up just keeping this site.  I am booking new clients from it, my clients get a good idea about my personality and how I speak in person and they get to see a bunch of my work, current and not so current.  I have spent a lot of time lately looking at other photographer’s websites and for the most part they all started looking the same.  White background, drop down menu, images, black background, drop down menu, images.  Not a lot of creativity.  I want people to know my creative side, I want them to know what I am like, because if they don’t like me or my work, then don’t hire me!  I’ve never been one to run with the pack, I’ve always done things my own way.  I mean, really, why would I want to be like everyone else? 😉