What? So I like Mondays. ;)

I love the creative process that is part of my job.  I get to find new locations to shoot at, rearrange the studio, build sets, and do all sorts of things that I just truly enjoy.  I also love that I get excited about Mondays, I know so many people who hate Mondays, not me!  Yes, I’m that upbeat person you see on a Monday morning who actually likes going to work, for some reason it tends to irritate people.

But think about it.  I have been photographing people since I can remember, I started really getting serious about it when I was only 15!  And now, I get to do it all of the time!  If I think back to where I started, the dumb luck that has landed me some pretty cool gigs and just being in the right place at the right time, it’s like it was just meant to be.

Mondays allow me to look forward, maybe it’s the optimist in me?  I like the adventure that is still ahead of me, I never know what is around the next corner.  I have never been one to dwell in the past, the past is the past, let it stay there.  Of course I do love going through my archives and posting photos from photo shoots from days long gone.  But overall, I like moving forward.  I like pushing myself to do new things and to always improve upon myself, personally and professionally.

So here is to what the future brings.  Happy Monday!  Here is one from an editorial submission I shot with Courtney not so long ago. 🙂