New Website Coming Soon!

Wow, so I’ve been going through a ton of images lately due to the fact that I am finally going to launch a new website!  I will still have this blog and continue to post photos daily but I am finding that I really need a website that isn’t just me ranting and carrying on all of the time.  But since I post here so much it will pretty much be the same images with a better way to view them.  It just seems like it’s time to do so.

I have been debating this over and over but right now just seems like the time to finally launch the site.  Hopefully I will have it up and running by the first part of next week, the hardest part is narrowing down the content!  I have thousands of images to go through!  The first batch I’m looking through of “final selections” is over 200 photos, and that is just from recent work!

So if anyone has any ideas of favorites from my collection on this blog, please feel free to email me your favorites! or just comment below.

Back to the grind!  Happy Friday the 13th! 😉