An Average Day in LA

I am definitely feeling like I am getting into the groove again.  Not that I was really out of it, but more like I’m finding my own personal groove with my work.  I do change my mind all of the time of what I want, how I want to shoot and even the type of model I want to shoot.  So finding the groove is a nice feeling.

With all of the drama I have seen from people lately it is really nice to not be a part of any of it!  What was great yesterday is that I was working with Monique again, she is seriously awesome to work with! This is only the 2nd time that I have worked with her and we just have this thing about being able to come up with something great in 5 minutes.  I told her my idea, she ran with it and the magic just happens.

I love working with people who you can give direction to and they just get it.  I’ll ramble 4 or 5 things out to her about how I want her to pose, the mood I am thinking of and the ideas I have and she just runs with it and also adds her own twist to it.  Working with good models really makes my job easier!  Days like yesterday really push me to do more fashion and editorial work in LA, it looks like I might have to leave my beach a few extra days a week.

I really can’t complain about what I get to do, sure people rip off my ideas, people flake, people do all sorts of really stupid things, but then you have the good days.  Yep, this is why I got started in this business to begin with.  I’m still hooked, looks like I’ll be here for a while. 😉