The Cool Ones.

I must say, I get to work with some pretty damn cool people.  Sorry, no rant today.  Today I want to only talk about the cool people and good things!  The photo for today is one of Lola, I got to meet her because she just happened to tag along with Roarie, yesterday’s photo, when Roarie had set up a shoot with me.  Honestly this is the best type of escort to bring with you to a shoot!  Another model!  Okay, so Lola wasn’t an escort, her shoot got canceled so she had nothing better to do, so I put her to work!

The whole reason I am bringing up Lola and Roarie is because they have got it down.  Roarie and I communicated via email, we shot what we said we were going to shoot, we knew what we both wanted out of the shoot and it happened.  Lola tagged along and we had a short discussion and shot what we discussed.

Today I am working with Monique again, finally! Another person who just kicks major ass!

So here is to the cool people, past, present and future! 🙂