Switching It Up.

I have been asked about shooting in studio quite a bit recently, and not just when I shoot natural light!  I can’t help it, I love natural light and having the total freedom it gives me.  Or maybe I just get tired of setting up the studio strobes?  But there is one thing about having a studio and being able to control the lighting.  You can get completely different looks in the exact same space!  If you have a vivid imagination you can really get some cool results in studio, or if you want to keep it basic you can get that classic look.

I decided to post two images from a shoot I did over a year ago for a magazine on the east coast.  These two shots were taken within 30 minutes of each other, just a little touch up to the make up, two wardrobe changes in between looks plus switching up the backdrop and the lighting.  If you have your studio dialed in you can change looks very quickly and really make use of your time.

For the two images I selected today I wanted to show two completely different looks.  The magazine really wanted a glamour look, lingerie but with an attitude, something that would grab your eye.  The second look was for when they featured the interview with the model, still appealing but a little less flashy.  Honestly I don’t remember which photos actually ran in the magazine, they never did send me a copy! I’m not going to go into how I shot these, it doesn’t really matter, the point is to not get stuck on one idea and to practice different styles so you can switch things up if you need to!

Any questions, email me. 😉