It’s about you.

I like it when people call me bitter.  It’s usually the people who are think they are super successful and that I am just jealous of their success.  And it’s not just me, they call anyone bitter who calls them out on their B.S.  I have several friends who have been called either bitter or grumpy, and as I said to a photographer friend of mine this past week, I’m not grumpy, I’m hostile.  I am not going to fall for your get rich quick plan or for your $1000.00 workshop that talks about what type of shoe you should wear to book wealthy clients.  Seriously, it’s all crap.

I’m not bitter or grumpy, I am based in reality and the reality is that all of my clients, including the few celebrity clients I have had, do not care what type of shoes I wear!  They actually love my old cars and my sharp tongue!  My clients like my personality and most importantly, they like my work.  This is how I book clients, I show quality work, I do what I say I am going to do and deliver a quality product.  This works with wedding clients, portrait clients, models, actors, commercial jobs etc….

So here is my new plan.  I am still taking the path of the artist but I am also focusing on the business end again.  I am going to start pursuing things the way I once did.  This means more lifestyle shoots, more weddings, more editorials and more actual work.  I will still be shooting a lot of my personal work but I figure the one way to shut people up is to just go out and make more money.  I honestly have nothing to prove to anyone, well except to myself, but I would like to prove a point.  The point is that being true to who you are, doing quality work and putting in the effort and time it takes to run an honest business will make you successful.  I have done it before I will do it again.

Here is something to think about.  People say to network, okay fine.  But if you are networking and kissing ass and getting some business from this when your work is just okay what is going to happen when someone who does better work comes in and starts kissing ass?  You both kiss ass equally as well, but who has the upper hand?  Focus on becoming better at what you do first, the rest will fall into place accordingly.