To all the complainers…..

People love to bitch and moan.  I rant, it’s totally different. What I am talking about is people who expect the world to change for them just because they want it to.  If you don’t like the world you are living in then do something about it!  Just complaining about something makes it worse, well it does for those around you who have to listen to your whining.

I’m talking about people who complain about everything.  There was someone on Facebook complaining about a homeless man selling little art pieces he made from trash and stuff others threw away, they were saying he needs to get a business license and pay taxes like everyone else.  Okay, first off, he’s not just sitting there with his hand out, he is trying to earn money!  Oh, and by the way, unless he is making enough money to be above the poverty level, the government isn’t even worried about his taxes!

Some people just love to tell others how to live their lives, well here is my advice, butt out!  What I do is what I do, if you don’t like it feel free to walk away.  Oh, there was another stupid complaint I saw on Facebook, I am really starting to hate that site, this one I thought was so stupid.  Someone complained that someone went outside to smoke and that they should still ask others if it’s okay for them to smoke outside.  Look people, there are those out there who smoke, if you don’t want to be around it don’t stand near an ashtray that is outside!  If you don’t want your kids to be influenced by people who smoke then educate them on the harm that cigarettes do.  It’s your job to raise your kids, not society’s!

I guess this crap bothers me because these are the same type of people who will tell me that what I shoot is wrong or are the ones who make up lies when they call the cops on me for shooting something that I am 100% allowed to shoot.  Take your “holier than thou” attitude and stick it where the sun don’t shine!  I’m going to keep on a doing what I’m a doing!  If you don’t like it well take a number and stand in line, someone will be with you shortly. 😉