LA Attitude

I know I’ve talked about this before, but fashion in Los Angeles is very different from that of the rest of the world.  I think the only times people are wearing something off of the runways of Paris or New York is for major red carpet events like The Oscar’s or something like that.  Otherwise I think LA fashion is definitely more of an attitude and not necessarily about having the nicest clothing.  This is why companies like American Apparel and H&M have jumped forward.  Okay, fine, these companies are not “High Fashion” but that is my point.  Celebrities and people in the entertainment industry are the ones who decide what is high fashion out here.  It is casually cool with an attitude of “I am way too cool to be here.”  I see photos from photographers who are trying to shoot high fashion in LA, and some of them are doing a really good job of it, but is that really the market out here?

I had a brief conversation with a photographer friend last night about my own work and he was commenting about how there seems to be something different about my work.  And I know what it is.  I am a lifestyle photographer and a portrait photographer who loves fashion and glamour.  My approach is different from a lot of people’s in this industry.  I talk to the person in front of my camera, I genuinely care about the person in front of my camera.  Being a lifestyle photographer is not about trying to make someone look cool or better than others, it is about helping them look their best for the purpose of the photos.

Honestly, I don’t sell the clothing, I sell the vibe and the mood you feel when you wear certain clothing.  Sometimes this is harder to capture which is why a lot of photographers tell the models to just move around and then shoot hundreds of images just hoping to get one good one.  For me I need to set up the shot.  I need to work with the person in front of my lens and communicate with them what the ideas are in my head, which can be very difficult at times, especially when I have a hundred ideas all at once!  This is why I love words like groove, style, mood, and probably my favorite is vibe.  These are simple words that can really tell someone what to feel without having to go into detail while still being completely vague in description.

Being a fashion lifestyle photographer is not about selling clothing that looks great, it’s not about telling you about how good you can smell with a certain perfume.  It is showing you what you can feel like and how good your life can be.  Everyone can have a great life, and in LA, it doesn’t take a million dollars to look great, you just need to have a million dollar attitude. 😉