The Fork

There was a great post on twitter today regarding copying another person’s work.  It said it was like trying to wear pants that don’t fit anymore, you are denying your fat ass from being originally creative.  I like that quote, in fact I retweeted it.  Part of being me is that I love to just be me.  Sometimes I have a simple head shot in mind, sometimes I get all out there and creative and push my own boundaries.  But in the end, I do what I want to do.  I may see an image that inspired me along the way from a great photographer, but to be perfectly honest, there are not too many newer photographers out there who make me say “wow”.

Look at a site like “Model Mayhem”, sure there are some good photographers who have a site on there, but they find work outside of that site.  Others use it to draw in other photographers to pay them for workshops that they are not qualified to teach.  Why does this business have to be such a scam?  Why can’t we all get along and live in harmony?  Oh, yeah, people want to feel special and get rich off of people who want to feel special.

Part of me wants to go back to strictly shooting artwork and making a very dismal living off of it and another part of me that wants to jump back into the game of fashion/editorial work and really give these people a run for their money.  But is it worth the effort?  Fashion is a really tough gig.  Lots of work for little money with a big payday only every once in a while.  So what to do?

This is when I draw on my teenage inspiration of Lloyd Dobler (look him up) and I say to myself that I am looking for a dare to be great situation.  With great risk comes great reward.  I see the fork in the road, now which path will I choose……. 😉