Just My Style ;)

So I am sitting here getting ready for another great shoot today here at the studio so I started going through some of my older images for some ideas that I might want to shoot again today or possibly just inspire myself when I came across my shoot with Codi from last year, actually just over a year ago!  I remember being so happy with this shoot, she was fairly new to modeling at the time and has since gone on to do some pretty cool stuff, she was great then and I’m sure she is now, I really need to work with her again!

I love finding shots that I love from shoots in the past, it is a reminder to me of so many of the cool people I have worked with.  But it also makes me realize that some things I do never change.  I love the classic look of photos, one of my favorite styles that I shoot is on my white hazy backdrop, like in today’s post.  There is something I love about minimalistic images.  Especially in the fashion world!  My wife and I were looking at images from different photography competitions last night and I was just kind of not impressed.  Some of these things that people are calling photography seem to be more like mixed media or graphic art.  Whatever happened to the art of taking a great photograph?

Okay, there are a lot of people out there who can still take great photographs, but I feel some rely way too much on post production.  It is an art form, no doubt, but sometimes it does tend to stray from what photography really is.  At least in my opinion it does.  I’m all for the evolution of photography, but where is that line we should draw that takes it to a different level?  Or should we have a line at all and just let the viewer decide?

All I know is that I like keeping my work simple, it’s just my style so I’ll stick to that. 😉