Go Big or Go Home (format of course)

I’m getting ready for a cool shoot tomorrow.  We have some friends coming in from Portland and they are both photographers, one asked me to set up a shoot that he and I could go on, I did one better, I set up an amazing shoot!  It’s going to be an editorial shoot for one of my favorite magazines.  I can’t give away all the details but lets just say that it’s all about that sexy summer feeling in Southern California!

I’m not going to lie, I love shooting edgy fashion editorials when I get to have full control over the concept!  I also love it when I get to work with a model who totally gets the idea and is down for whatever I can throw at her.  Tomorrow is going to be a good day!

As for now, well I need to get all of my gear together and start prepping.  One thing I really like to do is to be prepared for a shoot like this.  I would rather have all of my gear piled up by the door and ready to go a day ahead of time rather than try to do it all last-minute.  Of course I don’t use that much gear, except for tomorrow.  I’ll be shooting the works!  Instant film, 4×5…… yep, going large format on an editorial shoot, go big or go home right?  35mm film and of course digital.  I’ll have to instagram my gear all sitting out lol, gotta play the social media game to prove I’m working right?