The Game

What do you do when you feel like you’re in a rut?  Personally, I tend to either shoot through it or just put the camera down for a while and focus on another aspect of creativity.  Luckily I have music to fall back on.  Lately I have been struggling with where to go with my photography, what is the next step and all of those questions most of us photographers ask ourselves.

There is this whole other world out there.  It’s called the photography world.  Photographers seem to almost worship other photographers who are more popular at conventions and all of this crap.  There are photographers who build up a huge following on Facebook and people (mostly other photographers and wannabe models) will ask them questions on tumblr or wherever.  So here is my question…. is all of this really relevant to making money and actually working as a photographer?

I blog every day, this takes up enough of my time and quite honestly I do it for me, blogging is something I love to do.  I love to write, I love to take photos and I love to play music.  So therefore I have created an outlet for at least two out of three and possibly soon maybe even for all three.  But the time that it takes just to do one thing is about all the time I have since I am actually working as a photographer!  So should I hire an assistant like some of these other photographers do to run my Facebook, Twitter, and all of the other profiles out there?  Basically, do I play the game?

I’m not one for game playing, and since I talk about all of these things here I think it would be pretty obvious if I hired someone to do all of it for me because suddenly I would be everywhere all of the time.

I think I’ll just stick to being who I am, networking with solid people in the industry and just keep on doing what I’m doing.  I like being real and knowing that all of the sarcasm and stupid things I say on the web are actually coming from me.  This way, if I piss someone off, at least I know I did it and not my assistant. 😉