Pick and Choose

So I’m working a gig in LA today with lots of down time, I like days like this!  Work, sit around and goof off, work a little more.  Over the years I have definitely learned to appreciate days like these because they do not come along too often!

Then again, I have noticed that most of the work I have been getting lately has been pretty damn cool.  Cool people, good locations, and just all around fun jobs to work.  I think this is where perspective really comes into play.  It is like I have said so many times, pick your clients wisely!  Don’t just take a job to take it.  If it’s something you like or something you think might be fun then that is when you take the job.

I know, sometimes you have to take the job that pays the bills, I get it.  The trick is finding what jobs to take that pay your bills that don’t kill your spirit in the process.

Today, for example, I’m not shooting.  I took a gig where I get to be around cool people in the industry, some celebrities and I’m working with a few other photographers.  I’m totally behind the scenes and I love it!  Is it the best paying job?  Nope.  But it pays me enough, covers my hotel and feeds me and I am working with cool people.  For me, this is a win win situation.

I’ll get back to shooting very soon, already starting to schedule some cool gigs for this month.  For now, I’m going to kick back and enjoy my day at work! 😉