Pushing Back

I love the beach.  I love the whole feeling of the sand between my toes, the sun shining down on me and the cool air coming off of the ocean.  Plus it is a great place for a photo shoot!  It is great when you can combine two of your passions into one.  I love to go to the beach and I love to photograph women, sounds like a perfect combination if  you ask me!  Unfortunately it is coming to that time of year when school will be out and the beach will be full of tourists, kids and families from all over.  This means less shooting at the beach for me.

I know I can still shoot there, I just hate the crowds.  Someone standing in the background with a stupid look on their face “I wonder what they’re doing?”  We are taking photos, hence the camera in my hands.  Then there is always some conservative mom who thinks I’m shooting porn or something.  They tell their kids to look away from the model in the exact same beach attire that all of the other women on the beach are wearing as well.

It is this whole perception thing that drives me crazy.  For some reason whenever a photographer is out in public with a model there is always someone who assumes the photographer is a predator.  Not everyone thinks this way but there is definitely a certain part of the population who feel they need to protect this “helpless” model from the guy with the camera.  These are the people who should just go away.  Here are some things to consider.  First, if I am in a public place where there are several people around, if I were a “bad guy” this would not be the best place for a crime scene.  Too many witnesses.  Next, if the model is texting on her phone while we are walking somewhere, odds are people know where she is and who she is with.  So now here I am saying how I want to avoid the crowds and I find myself looking for out-of-the-way locations to shoot just to avoid scrutiny.  Good thing I have a studio!

I think I’ll go get a permit for a skimpy bikini shoot at a busy beach this summer, just so that when someone calls the cops I can say I have a permit, security and tell them to please go away and let me do my job.  I just feel like pushing limits this year.  I’m sick of living by the rules of the so-called moral majority.  So there are certain people who wish to push their beliefs on others and the rest of us are just supposed to sit around and take it.  I say no.  I am going to push back, the legal way of course, otherwise it is just a waste of time.  But I’m in the mood to push back and let people know that there is nothing wrong with being who we are and that we do not have to live by any certain belief system to be good people.

It’s going to be a good summer. 😉