Good Mood Friday

It’s Friday and I am so ready for this weekend!  I am officially not booked tomorrow and it feels so good!  It also feels good because tonight we will be hosting a huge party at our studio along with some friends of ours.  The theme is “Mad Hatter” and yes I will be posting photos on Facebook and my instagram for any of you stalkers out there.

So no rant today, I’m in too good of a mood and there is very little that could get me wound up today.  Although I did get some funny private messages and emails regarding yesterday’s post.  Apparently not everyone agrees with me that you should just do what works best for you.

It’s funny, when I say I still shoot film I’m called a “Purist” when I shoot digital I’m “Lazy” because I rarely shoot RAW.  What’s with the name calling?  Just because I said you’re an idiot for arguing a point that is based on personal preference, that’s not name calling, I figure it falls under the realm of common sense. (This is called internet sarcasm, I have to type that out since you can’t see the smirk on my face.)

Well, time to get back to prepping the studio for tonight’s big bash.  First thing on the list, charge batteries for the camera! 😉