Against The Grain

I am so tired of generic images.  I get mad at myself when I basically cop-out and just shoot the safe shot for a client.  I feel like I need to just only shoot what I want when I want and to hell with the consequences.  Limits and working within the boundaries are things that I just have never been good at.  Give me something more, give me something with attitude and without limitation.  I think this is why I am seriously influenced by fashion and by some of the great fashion photographers.  Those who had the courage to go against the grain, to be bold and to stand their ground.

Honestly, almost anyone can become a photographer these days.  Digital has made it easy to get exposures somewhat correct, working with RAW files and a good photo editor can really improve your work.  But what about the ideas and the actual creation of an image?  This is where the artistry comes in.  An artist does not just have to be a painter or sculptor, art comes from within, and if you want to get kind of truthful, Andy Warhol said it best, “Art is anything  you can get away with.”  I was reminded of that by a friend today.

I guess where I am going with this is that I really need to refuse to bend, even to myself.  I need to stick to my gut and follow what my heart says.  Just like so many others my head will most likely lead me astray.  Don’t over think anything, just do and just be and let the chips fall where they may.

There was something that got to me, once again it was watching the same old basic images that anyone could have taken get so much attention.  But why?  I am really trying to figure out why certain people get attention when it really isn’t deserved.  But just like with my own work, I will not over analyze it, I will not fall into the void of being like everyone else.  If that is what some people want they can have it.  This is just me stating to myself what I need to hear.  Success rarely comes without frustration and turmoil.  Trial and error is also a big part of that.

So here is to you and to me.  Those of us who refuse to bend and who are determined to show the world the vision that is in our heads, regardless of scrutiny and without a care to what others may think.   So all of my work may not be art, it may not even be fashion, and who really cares?  It is my work, my creation and what I want to show. Once again, this makes for a happy Jim, and I like being happy. 😉