The Glamorous Life ;)

Every so often I get to work with models who are not your typical model.  Some have their own websites, some are running their own business and need promotional shots for the different products they sell and some are just looking for extra content for their sites or in case they get interviewed by a magazine their publicist will give a list of photographers to contact who have good images of the particular model or actor in question.

What is really cool about this type of work is that you get to shoot all different types of styles.  Sometimes its casual, sometimes it’s glamour or fashion styles and sometimes it’s just a basic head shot.  I got my start working with models on the glamour end of photography.  I worked with several models who had the desire to be in Playboy magazine or other similar types of mens magazines.  It was a far cry from my desires to be a legendary landscape photographer!  But as I got into photography more and more, and photographing women more and more I discovered that I was actually a better people photographer than landscape photographer.  And with an abundance of models coming to me and I didn’t have to go out and get all sweaty and dirty to possibly capture one great image out in the wild, it just seemed like the most logical option.

Every now and then I will still have a glamour shoot, sure there is always some element of glamour in my images, I can’t help it, I just like it.  It does remind me of my days when I was first getting started, I had two cameras and maybe 3 lenses.  I worked out of a near empty 3 bedroom house, mostly because I couldn’t afford furniture, looking back it was a great studio!  I photographed many boudoir sessions there, before people were calling it boudoir!  The sessions I’m referring to happened almost 20 years ago!  Funny how some things never change!  I am still photographing women, weddings, portraits, fashion and lifestyle.  I think the only thing that has changed these days is that I have (hopefully) gotten better and I do have a little more furniture and luckily my rates have gone up!

It’s nice to look back to where you started and how it all came about.  Funny that it all started because my friend’s girlfriend was a model and she needed some new shots for her comp card.  That was the first model I had ever photographed.  Wow, how the time flies when you’re having fun! 😉