I love the journey of thought and emotion that photography brings to me.  Sometimes there is this intellectual thought pattern that makes you really want to create something that is really so much more than what just meets the eye and just to be bluntly honest, other times you just feel like creating pretty pictures.  Either way it is this exploration of ideas that just keeps me going.  Some days I wake up and have no idea at all as to what it is I am doing or wanting to do with my life, my work or anything but then the spark happens.

What is the spark?  It could be anything, all I know is that it is that brief moment of inspiration and then you just follow the path wherever it may lead you.  I kind of live for these ideas and these moments of inspiration, they can sometimes be better than the final outcome!

This is probably why I have taken the road of artist, I just want to create for the sake of creating.  I’ve done my fair share of fashion photography, wedding photography, portrait photography and on down the line.  I probably use all of these experiences to my advantage while shooting any of my sessions.  This is why I appreciate all of the experience I have had over my entire life.  Experience is something that should not be taken for granted, especially if it is your own experience!  There is a lot of talent out there, but nobody has your exact experience, nobody sees the world the exact same way as you do.  This is what makes everyone unique, it is just a matter of finding the best way to share your view with the world.  Personally, I just so happen to use photography as my medium.  Like I have said before, have camera will travel. 😉

Here is another one from The Seduction Sessions…. I just might need to start exploring this series again….