To Beach Bum’s Everywhere

I love living in Southern California!  To me the sun seems to shine a little different here.  Or maybe I just see the world a little differently here?  I don’t know exactly what it is but I like it!

There is something pretty cool about living in a beach community.  Everything here is just a little more laid back, shoes are optional as are long pants.  It is a unique way of life, it’s kind of a mix of blue-collar meets surf bum, even if you are not blue-collar or a surf bum.

Just grab your favorite beer, head to the beach and chill for the day, and no it does not have to be a weekend, the beaches here are open every day!  Okay, so beaches everywhere are open everyday, but we actually use them everyday!  Sometimes I feel like I am a beach bum before I am a photographer, but then I take my work to the beach so it all works out.  My new goal is to get a decent RV and park it at the beach so I can do all of my editing and blogging right from the beach.  Take a surf break, come back do some more work, wash, rinse and repeat.

I can feel summer coming right around the corner, the days are getting warmer and longer, people are wearing less clothing and every day just seems to be a good day to be alive.  I’ve even started working out again! Time to get that beach body again I guess, maybe one day I’ll even step in front of my own camera. 😉