An Average Guide to The Universe

The Universe is a funny thing.  It sends things to you in ways that you will sometimes understand while other times you will have to look into the exact meaning of it a little more.  Doors will open, others will close and every now and then a monkey wrench will get thrown in the mix.  In the end I personally believe that everything happens for a reason and sometimes you will be given opportunities that may seem like a fork in the road and you have to decide which path to take.  Sometimes both paths will lead you to the same destination while other times it will take you on an adventure that you would have never imagined.

Life is full of little decisions we make every day, every moment.  Some of them stress us out, some make us calm.   This is why I try to stay calm and usually choose the path of happiness.  I choose to be the type of photographer I am.  Yes, I shoot nudes, I shoot fashion, I shoot weddings, I shoot commercial photography but I do it all my way and in my style.  It is almost to the point that I do not know of any way I could shoot.  Okay, well I probably could, but why would I?

There are those who want to do everything and be the best at everything.  I have met several people who have claimed to be the best at everything but I have yet to meet anyone who actually was.  You can be good at a lot of things but that does not mean you are great at everything.  There is an old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none” and I totally disagree with this as well.  Just because you do several things very well, sometimes even at a master level still doesn’t mean that you have mastered everything.  That phrase states that you can only be good at one thing, which I think most of us would disagree with.

I’m rambling, I know.  I guess I am just having one of those philosophical days where I tend to question everything and really think about the choices I get to make on a daily basis.  I like adventure, I like a little bit of mystery, it often makes me wonder what path I will take next and where it may lead me.  All of the pathways are in front of me, I wonder where I’ll end up next. 😉