Los Angeles Style

I have heard people call Los Angeles a second-rate city for fashion.  They say how it just doesn’t measure up to cities like Paris, New York or even Miami when it comes to fashion styles, models, designers etc.  Well, I’d like to disagree.  Los Angeles has its own style of fashion.  We here on the west coast tend to see things a little differently than everyone else.  And quite honestly, we tend to lead the way in many things we do.

Let me put it this way.  For years, decades, even centuries, France was known to be the epitome of wine making.  French wine was considered the best around the world, and they became pretty snotty about it.  Then all of a sudden, Napa Valley came along.  What do you know, Californians can make some pretty damn good wine too, good enough to beat the French in competition.

So west coast fashion may not be what people always want to see on the runway in Paris, fine, keep your runway in Paris.  We have our own runways on Rodeo Drive, the Venice Beach boardwalk, even Hollywood Blvd. and Sunset Blvd. have their own style.  So no, we do not always play by the rules set by the rest of the fashion world out here in California.  We tend to make and break our own rules.  We push forward and live by the motto of anything goes. So if you are one of those who call us “second-rate” then you just don’t understand what it is we are doing here.  Just accept that you don’t understand and that it is okay to not like us and what we do, mostly because we don’t care.  But don’t call us second-rate when six months from now you will be wanting to wear what we out dated three months ago. 😉