Things I Dig

I like edge, I like a raw vibe, I like attitude.  I also like soft pretty pictures and a casual elegance.  Contradiction is another thing I love along with mystery.  But I also like bold, brash and in your face.  I guess it depends on my mood, or whatever I am thinking at the moment.  I guess what it comes down to is that I pretty much like everything as long as I get to make it my style.

As a photographer I find inspiration everywhere and I really have very few limitations on what I will or will not shoot.  I like the adventure of change and the challenges that it brings.  It also keeps things interesting when I change things up.  It might be my competitive nature, but I really like to keep improving and keep pushing myself to try new things and to go down different avenues.  Like I have said before, no matter what, it is my work.  It will continue to be my work as long as it is my vision.

This is why I can look to other images in magazines or online for inspiration.  Inspiration can push you forward with your own ideas and it may just spark an original thought in the process.  It is about keeping an open mind and always striving to succeed.  I don’t know where I’m going with this exact thought process, all I know is that these are just the things I dig.