Balance and Timing

It seems like whenever you want to try to balance something it goes from a small little scale and jumps to a huge ship in the ocean and you have to run from side to side depending on which way the boat is leaning.  I don’t mind working, but I do mind when it gets in the way of what I love to do.  Part of this comes from wanting to just shoot for fun.  I have certain projects and ideas in my head that I just want to get out and into the world.  But it’s the balance of it all.

I do have clients and I do have rent to pay.  So I do have to balance my play time with my work time.  I think I need an assistant, but that means I need more work to make sure I can pay the assistant.  Now we are back to the balance of it all.  I think the one thing I know today, at this moment, is that I am not in the mood to figure it all out right this second.  I have two more meetings today, editing to do and so much more.  Instead, while working, I will think about a shoot I have this Friday.  It’s just for fun and it’s with one of my favorite people, Sydney!

Sometimes it’s not just about balance but it is also about timing.  If the timing isn’t right then don’t force it.  Things will happen when they are supposed to happen.  I firmly believe that the universe will guide us in the right direction if we actually pay attention to the signals, which I admit I have not always been good at!  Today is not a good day for me to plan my fate, so instead of forcing it and f’ing it up, I’m going to just move along slowly and just do what needs to be done today.  I’ll leave the bigger decisions for another day when I am more motivated and focused.

Here is a shot from my very first shoot with Sydney over a year ago.  Can’t wait for Friday! 🙂