The Average Jim Retreat…. It Could Happen. ;)

I am finding out more and more that I really like a rough image.  Well, purposely rough.  I like images to be in focus but not necessarily High Definition sharp.  If a photo looks sharper and crisper than real life, especially if it is of a person I find myself not really liking it.  It is just a style and a preference but it’s what I have noticed about myself and my own work.

I like gritty, I like expired film, I like raw emotion and a little bit of a feeling of images not looking “perfect”.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, well so is perfection.  To me imperfection is part of the perfection.  I don’t mind some digital noise and I love film grain!  Once again, it all comes back to style.  It’s my style to be this way and I am perfectly happy with that.

Once again I am considering holding a photography retreat, not really a workshop, it is a learning seminar but it is a little different from other workshops I have seen out there.  If anyone knows me you know I hate what most workshops have become.  I can’t teach people to shoot how I shoot, but honestly, it’s pretty easy!  The hard part is developing a style.  Developing your own ideas and setting them into motion.

This is just something I am toying with, it will be very affordable, fun and not overly complicated.  Once I come up with a good solid game plan and possible dates I’ll post them here.  I guess this is more of my way of finding out if people might be interested in hanging out at a retreat in a sleepy little surf town, working with some great models and developing their own personal photography styles.

For now, here is one from over 4 years ago!  It was part of a series I shot at my old house, I think the thing I miss the most about my old house is shooting in it.  Living there left a lot to be desired, but it was so great to photograph in!