Long Day…. So Worth It.

I just got back from a killer wedding.  Almost every guest was a “photographer” too, I have never seen so many cameras at one wedding.  But, I can kind of understand to a certain degree.  This was a wedding with some pretty well-known recording artists and their close friends.  Everyone wanted to have these memories saved, I really can’t say that I blame them, I would probably have been doing the same thing if I were a guest.

Aside from getting some great shots this was a day filled with some great people and a couple of my favorite past clients!  I don’t shoot too many weddings anymore and I have learned to be very selective with the clients I take on, I can honestly say that this was a great selection!

This has been a year of great clients so far and I really hope I get to keep working with the wonderful people who somehow keep contacting me.  This is just my way of reminding myself that there are times when I am very lucky and kind of spoiled being able to do what I do, and trust me when I say I most definitely do not take it for granted!

Here is one more from my shoot with Hope Dworaczyk, another one of my shoots that just rocked!