Effort = Reward (sometimes anyway)

The lack of effort on some people seriously amazes me.  I am not 100% perfect all of the time, but I will make an effort.  I don’t mind driving for something if it is worth while.  It just makes me realize how many people out there want something just handed to them instead of working for it.  If you want easy money in the entertainment industry you are very likely to wind up doing something you probably won’t want to write home about!  If you expect people to cover your gas money, pay you for your time and do what only you want to do then you better have something huge to offer in return!  Also the hypocrites out there, the ones who demand payment for their services but who refuse to pay anyone else for their efforts.  Really?

I know I know, what goes around comes around.  But I just find it funny how (one person in particular who is annoying me) someone can seriously put themselves above everyone else and act like she is just the greatest thing ever.  Everyone is replaceable, I’ve said that before and it still rings true.  Also, models, stop lying about your stats!!!!!! If you show up for a shoot and are 5 inches shorter than you said you were one of two things is going to happen, either you will be sent home because the wardrobe doesn’t fit or you will be shooting without any wardrobe because it doesn’t fit!  Don’t say you’re 5’7″ if you’re 5’2″, pretty simple right?

There are a ton of pretty faces and some pretty good talent in the greater LA area, if you don’t work harder than everyone else and push yourself to do even harder, chances are you are not going to make it.  I know someone else who is a working model, she doesn’t have the best stats, she doesn’t have the best look.  But she has drive, heart and the motivation to make it happen and it is happening.  She is good at doing what she does and has a killer personality.  Just because you’re pretty doesn’t mean you will make it, if you don’t watch out you may only make it to the casting couch!

Below is a photo of Ashlei, she works hard, shows up and does her job well!